What can be said – and what cannot. Hasnain Kazim and his "caliphate"

Foto Hasnain Kazim: Peter Rigaud

What can be said – and what cannot. Hasnain Kazim and his "caliphate"

Lecture and discussion
18:00–19:30 Uhr

Political debates in Germany have not only been conducted in a tough manner recently – just think of the legendary debates in the Bundestag between Herbert Wehner and Josef Strauß in the 1970s. And yet something has changed. It now seems "normal" to display posters with gallows painted on them at demonstrations – to name just one example. And in the political arena, too, verbal offences and provocations occur time and again. So what has happened? Why are we arguing "worse" all the time? Hasnain Kazim, journalist and author, has been dealing with the topics of arguing and communicating for years. One way he has found to deal with these issues is: Humour. Another: addressing issues without ideology, but soberly and objectively. What can we do to improve our dialogue with each other?

Hasnain Kazim writes as a journalist for ZEIT ONLINE, taz, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Deutschlandfunk, among others. As an author, he is best known for books such as "Grünkohl und Curry" and "Post von Karl-Heinz". In 2023, he published his first children's book "Zoff! Bumm! Bämm!" – a book about arguing.

An event organised by the Volkshochschule Dresden e.V. in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Sachsen and the Bautzner Straße Dresden Memorial. This event is co-financed by tax funds based on the budget approved by the Saxon State Parliament.


Foto von Hasnain Kazim: © Peter Rigaud