Media Library

Haltung oder Spaltung, eine Veranstaltung der KAS im Festsaal, 30.09.2020

Media Library

The media library at the Bautzner Straße Memorial has a varied digital offering for you – whenever you have the time and inclination – regardless of opening hours and wherever you happen to be.

Engaging in dialog with an interested public and discussing contemporary issues is one of the memorial's key concerns. Since its foundation, the memorial has therefore developed a diverse program of events and opened exhibitions on historical and current topics.

We also deal with exciting topics from politics and society. Listen to our German-language podcast on the "Gestern-Heute-Morgen" page and browse through our collection of films and audios.

The "Werkstatt" page is aimed at anyone who has always wanted to know how best to prepare for interviews with contemporary witnesses or discussions on sensitive topics from the past.

Please note: Only German-language programmes are available in the Media Library.

Photo: Event recording in the ballroom of the memorial, © Gedenkstätte Bautzner Straße Dresden